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What is Lake Country Time Trade?

Lake Country Time Trade (LCTT) gives you the opportunity to help someone and to earn time credits that you then use to get help from someone else.



What are the geographical boundaries for LCTT?

The name Lake Country Time Trade was chosen to capture the urban area of Orillia and the surrounding townships of Oro-Medonte, Ramara, and Severn.



LCTT welcomes anyone that would like to participate in our initiative, however, it is up to individual members how far they are willing to travel to participate in an exchange.



How do I become a member of LCTT?

Click here to join


There is an application process that includes a basic character reference check and completion of a Waiver Form. When you sign up you will be asked to provide 2 references (see more information below). Those individuals will receive an email containing a Reference Form they can fill out and email back to us.  You will receive an email containing a Waiver Form that you can fill out and email back to us. If everything checks out, you will be approved as a member in our online software program (Time & Talents).



Who can become a member of LCTT?  

Anyone!  Currently, in order to become a member of LCTT two references need to be submitted - one reference must be from someone who has known you in a professional or academic setting.  A government representative that knows you can act as a reference if needed.  The other reference can be from a friend.



Where can I post my offers & requests, or see what other people need?

LCTT uses an online program called “Time & Talents” where you become a member of our local time trade and post your offers and requests.  



How long has LCTT been around?  

LCTT is a new initiative, associated with Transition Orillia.  LCTT has a “kitchen cabinet” (advisory group) that has been meeting since July 2014.  We are a grassroots initiative that grows through word-of-mouth right now.



What are some of the benefits of participating in a Time Trade?

  • Lots of people can use help but hesitate to ask because they are not sure they'll be able reciprocate. But in a time trade, they will be able to because everyone has something to share!

  • Many people don’t have family nearby and may be hesitant to keep asking the same friends for help. OR, the friends you have may not have the skills you need or can make use of.  Being part of the Time Trade expands your network and allows you to make use of skills from across your city/region that you might not have had access to before!

  • It allows people to give and receive without spending money.



What about liability or risk associated with the time trades you participate in?


Being in a time trade is no different than helping your neighbour. Every member in the time trade assumes all responsibility for their exchanges just as you would treat a friend or a neighbour.  Time trading is based on trust and reciprocity and you must use your own best judgement when participating in an exchange.



What if I am under the age of 16 and want to join LCTT?  

You need guardian consent to join LCTT if you are under the age of 16.



How are credits determined for longer trades such as house sitting or pet care?  

This is up to the individuals involved, however, the Advisory Group recommends that one hour per day be paid in exchange for house sitting or pet care.  It is advised that the “giver” and “receiver” negotiate the payment in advance.



Can someone purchase time trade hours?  

This question is currently under discussion by the LCTT Kitchen Cabinet.



Can time trade hours count towards community service hours?  

No. Community service hours are given in exchange for high school credits, therefore they can not be given in exchange for time trade credits.


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